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Nailed It: Manicure Trends That’ll Make Your Eyes Water

By definition “trends” are fleeting and all I can say is thank God for that, as recently there have been far too many beauty trends that I’d much rather remove from my sartorial memory. We’re all that little bit more adventurous when it comes to trying nail trends; it’s simple, if you hate it, you can easily get rid of it. But whether it’s a flared nail shape or extreme animal decorations, a “no- go” line must be drawn. 


Post-Acrylic Extension Regret: How to Fix Damaged Nails

At least once a year without fail, I make a mistake that I live to regret for weeks. I’m suddenly inspired by the dangerously long talons of Rihanna and Lana del Rey and decide that I’d quite like some impractical stiletto nails of my own. The most recent episode being last summer where I was certain that ridiculously long, almond-shaped, pink lacquered tips were a great idea; and as usual the regret started to kick in before I was even out of the the nail salon.