The Oscars 2015 Beauty: 5 Ways to get Margot Robbie’s Winning Red Pout

The Oscars 2015 took over social media last night; and while everyone was inspecting the stunning gowns and waiting on tenterhooks for the award announcements, I was looking out for the winning beauty looks. For me, this year’s landslide champion in the makeup stakes was Aussie beauty, Margot Robbie who proved that there’s no better accessory than a red lipstick.


Bold & Beautiful: Brow Definers to Get Excited About

I adore eyebrows; they’re a feature that can make or break your look. Too thin and you’ll look like a 1970’s throwback; too thick and you risk seeming unkempt or severe. After years of over-zealous tweezing, I now suffer from seriously patchy arches. I’ve haven’t mustered up the courage quite yet to try semi-permanent solutions so I make do with the makeup options, many of which are excellent.


Shape Up: Contouring for Real Life

Most makeup enthusiasts will know that contouring has been having something of a moment of late. And of course we have Mrs. Kardashian-West and the reams of Youtubers with their copycat makeup tutorials to thank for bringing extreme face sculpting to the masses. But let’s be honest, most normal women have neither the time nor the patience to facet their faces like a princess-cut diamond before popping to the grocery store.


The Fab Five: Velvet Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipstick has never been an easy choice for me. The chalky textures and the quick drying, pasty formulas have me reaching for a cleansing wipe quicker than you can say, “pass the lip balm.” There’s always that fear that a lack of sheen will highlight every fault and unsightly line around the mouth. But I love bold, high-impact lip colours and to be honest these just pack more of a punch in matte formulas.


Micellar Water: The Lazy Girl’s Cleansing Must-Have

We’ve all been there. You stumble home at the wrong side of 2am, crash down on your bed plastered in makeup which is now less sultry smoky and more blurry-eyed panda. But the prospect of standing hunched over your bathroom sink while you scramble your way through your usual cleansing routine is just unthinkable- despite that pesky little voice inside warning you of the impending zits and blackheads. Ssshhh!

Enter micellar water to save the day.