Biolite Diamond Placenta Facial EMK

Regenerate, Rejuvenate: The Diamond Placenta Facial

Bizarre beauty crazes are nothing new. In recent times we’ve had the bird poop facial which promised the alabaster skin of Japanese Geishas. Then it was the 24 karat gold facial which supposedly gave skin a “lit from within” quality; and of course lets not forget the vampire facial which was thrust in to the limelight thanks to Kim Kardashian-West‘s rather gruesome, blood- soaked selfie.

You're Chic Salon

You’re Chic: Saudi Arabia’s First All Organic Beauty Salon

Beauty products and treatments today contain a staggering amount of synthetic ingredients and chemicals. In many cases, we have no idea what kind of potentially negative effects these ingredients may or may not have on our bodies in the long run, inside and out. As our skin absorbs over 64% of what we put on it, and with skin sensitivity and allergies on the rise, it’s no wonder that women are on the search for more natural solutions. Sara Al Hassoun is one Saudi entrepreneur that has her clients’ health as well as their beauty on her mind.

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