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She is a lifestyle journalist, translator and content creator, specialising in beauty, health, fitness and well-being. With years of insider experience under her belt, Basma has established herself as one of the region’s top beauty authorities. Writing in both Arabic and English, she has worked with some of the Middle East biggest print and digital publications. Check out for more info.

She is a graduate of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where she received First Class Honours in B.A in Arabic. She is also a trained makeup artist, with additional certification in skincare therapy and cosmetic science.


  1. Hello. I’m Ella who was talking with you on Instagram about radioactivity, before.
    I have no idea where all comments are gone and been thinking that leaving comments there would be bothering you. So I leave a comment here.
    First of all, If my words make you angry, I’m sorry. Needed to be nicer and understandable.You had a point and I got what you are saying.

    However, You are a journalist. Almost all people may trust you and what you write with no doubt. So I think you should not judge and denounce on something very quickly. Like whether I’m having a conspiracy theory or not. Also, SK2 is dangerous substance or not.

    Okay. Even I don’t know either. I just wish It’s fine to use.
    I can say I’m reading a ton of articles about it. I live near Japan. And beautiful UAE is not. Being far from Japan and worries. That is why I am being careful.

    Before, you say no hazard at all, you think more and find more information. As you know that, Radioactivity is correalated with deformed child, closely. Please please, do not convey your 100%-not-sure information to people.
    “It’s totally safe!”

    I really hope Japan has no problem with it truly. Because we are neighbors helping, reciprocally with commitments. And I can not wait using all the products of Japan soon and traveling there, just like before.

    I talk too much.
    Actually, My formal boss from Dubai. He was a wonderful human being who was telling me about his hometown a billion times. It was worth listening to.
    Anyway, I just wanted to have a conversation about it.
    And nice discussion it was.
    Have a great day.
    Even though, Still I don’t know name to call.

    PS- Saw your blog a bit and I like it.

    1. Hi Ella,
      I’m glad you wrote back. I don’t know how the comments disappeared, I assumed you deleted yours which is why I deleted mine, they looked silly there by themselves 🙂

      My opinion on the idea of radioactive cosmetics is, as with other things, that we should go by what scientific evidence is available. Until credible reports are published we can’t go around assuming things are dangerous and telling people not to use them when they have been proven to be perfectly harmless. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and I was merely expressing mine. I didn’t say that “it’s totally safe”, I said there is no scientific evidence as of yet to prove that it’s dangerous. Should that evidence come to light, I’ll be the first to advise against using it. At the end of the day, beauty is about health and wellbeing far more than what’s on the outside. You are of course free to believe what you choose.

      In the ten years that I have been writing and studying beauty I have never advised my readers to use anything that has been proven to be harmful as this goes against everything I believe in as a journalist with integrity. I try to stay up to date on these matters and I regularly research beauty issues from around the world. Location is irrelevant nowadays. I don’t need to be geographically close to Japan to have an interest in what goes on there, especially with regards to beauty, which I have dedicated my career to.
      Thanks for your interest, your passion in expressing what you believe is right is inspiring. All the best.

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