For over thirty years, Bio-Oil has been a skincare staple on bathroom shelves around the world. Its unprecedented success meant that took the South African company three decades to launch the beloved skin-perfecting blend in an updated gel formulation. Now, to keep the momentum going, it’s launched Bio-Oil Skincare Oil (Natural).

The Natural Skin Solution

bio oil
Bio-Oil Skincare Oil (Natural)

Whether “natural”, “organic” or “clean”, brands are now riding the green beauty wave to cater to the new generation of environmentally savvy consumers. However, these terms are largely unregulated; which means it’s down to the brands themselves to define what the term “natural” means and how it fits in with their brand philosophy. For Bio-Oil, this translates in to a formulation that’s free from preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, steroids and phytoestrogens. They’ve removed the known allergens, mineral oil and synthetic ingredients, and replaced them with a rich blend of plant-derived alternatives. Namely, soybean, safflower seed, jojoba and chia seed oils, as well as antioxidant-rich pomegranate.

I’ve been an avid user of the original product for over ten years, so working this new formula in to my daily routine hasn’t been a chore. It was clear from the get go that whilst the colour and scent of the new oil are different, (a pale golden shade with a herbaceous patchouli fragrance), the efficacy remains very much the same. In fact, I actually prefer the subtle new scent to the original, which in my opinion was always reminiscent of plastic flowers. As always, it’s non-greasy, absorbs super quickly and fades scars and blemishes with frequent, dedicated use. Even if you have perfect skin, this oil is a treat to use post-shower oil, to lock in moisture and keep skin supple and radiant.

If you’ve been trying to include greener products in to your routine, this oil is an absolute must-try.

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