Bio Oil has been an indispensable part of my beauty routine for years. It’s one of my go-to hydration products that I use from top to toe.

There’s a reason this cult oil sells a bottle every two seconds somewhere around the world and that’s because it works. It soothes parched skin and visibly reduces stretch marks and scars. Fun fact: my brother used it religiously to get rid of a nasty scar on his forehead and now it’s barely visible.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was given a sneak preview of the brand new gel formula that’s the first launch from the brand in over 30 years. The pink, oil-gel hybrid is served up in a pot that’s not dissimilar to the tubs of aqueous creams you find in pharmacies. So what’s different about it?

bio oil1

Whilst traditional hydrating formulations often contain up to 70% inactive water which evaporates on contact with the skin, this gel forms a protective barrier on the surface, trapping in moisture and active ingredients.

The formula is packed full of effective hydrators including industry favourites like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, urea, glycerin and shea butter to condition and nourish the skin.

The texture is surprisingly lightweight and unsticky. The tiniest amount spreads easily and transforms in to an oil which melts in to the skin, immediately soothing tightness and discomfort. And best of all? No greasy residue. Skin is left soft, silky and slightly fragranced with that delicate Bio Oil scent.

Available in pharmacies, AED 26.50 for 50ml.

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