If you’re well overdue a little “me time”, this luxurious new body treatment will have you feeling polished and pampered from head to toe.

What: Voluptuous Oud Ritual Hammam

Where: Tips & Toes 

Cost: 420 AED

Duration: 90 minutes

The lowdown: 

The treatment begins with 10 minutes relaxing in the steam of the dedicated hammam room. This opens the pores and softens the skin in preparation for the deep cleansing ritual. Next comes the application of black soap enriched with refreshing eucalyptus to detoxify the skin and calm the senses. The therapist uses deep, circular motions to massage the muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve circulation.

After a quick rinse, the therapist begins scrubbing the body with the kees, the exfoliating glove traditionally used in Moroccan baths. No matter how frequently you think you’re exfoliating your skin, don’t be shocked to see the ribbons of dead skin rolling off your body. There are very few methods of body exfoliation that are more effective than this!



The fragrant Amber Oriental Body Wash is used to cleanse away the remnants of dead skin, followed by another invigorating massage using the Oud Oriental Scrub. This rich gommage not only smooths the surface of the skin, it also contains argan oil to help rehydrate and moisturise. An antioxidant-rich, green tea clay mask is applied on the body from top to toe to nourish and replenish the skin, whilst a natural rose cream is slathered on the face to soften and brighten the complexion. Wrapped up snug, the steam is reintroduced to help the active ingredients fully penetrate the skin and I’m left to drift into a perfumed doze. After 15 minutes, the mask is rinsed with lukewarm water to invigorate the body and get the blood pumping.

Finally, an oud-infused oil is applied to hydrate and subtly perfume the body with a woody, floral scent. My skin has genuinely never felt cleaner or smoother or looked brighter. If you’re not usually a fan of oud (I’m not), this treatment may well change your mind. The fragrance is so delicate and pretty that it’ll have you sniffing your skin every few minutes.

According to my therapist, when done regularly, this treatment is great for tightening the skin and for reducing cellulite, water retention, and pigmentation. It’s not suitable for pregnant women or those with blood pressure issues.

For more information visit https://www.tipsandtoes.com/en/




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