It’s a sad, harsh truth that no one is immune to cellulite. Whilst it may not be swimsuit season, winter is actually the best time to set to work on reducing the appearance of those dreaded dimples. 

Despite what the magazines may say, there are no magic potions or high-tech lotions that can be applied topically to the skin that will make the orange peel disappear. Cellulite forms when fibrous bands that go from the surface of your skin stick to the lower fatty layer, pulling it down, creating the dimpled effect. To make it go away completely, these bands need to be severed.

The good news is that caffeine has been clinically proven to improve the external texture and appearance of dimpled skin. So using a good old fashioned coffee grounds scrub on a daily basis works wonders in reducing the appearance of cellulite over time. Caffeine stimulates dilation while the scrubbing motion increases circulation, plumping up the skin and making cellulite look less obvious. The grounds also contain antioxidants which rid the skin of built up toxins and help to boost collagen production. coffee-and-almond-body-scrub

My favourite coffee scrub not only helps to reduce cellulite, but it also leaves skin feeling silky smooth and smelling delicious. And with only three ingredients it’s super quick and easy to make.

The Magic Formula:

1 cup of coffee grounds

3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil (hydrating, nourishing, smoothing)

1 tablespoon of salt (for added exfoliating power!)

Mix the ingredients thoroughly, then starting at the feet, begin massaging the skin in a circular motion, slowly moving upwards towards the heart. Focus on the cellulite hotspots such as the thighs, bum, stomach and upper arms. Leave it on for five to ten minutes to soak in then rinse with warm water.

How do you deal with cellulite? Do you have any favourite DIY recipes?


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