See What’s Possible: Neutrogena Launches its First Global Campaign in the Middle East

Neutrogena has launched a global campaign with the tagline “See What’s Possible.” This latest offering in a growing genre of female-empowerment efforts, features a slick video with voice-over by brand spokesperson and Scandal star Kerry Washington. It aims to present what successes are possible for women from all walks of life and in all scopes- from professional to artistic and athletic achievements.

In order for the brand to bring the #SeeWhatsPossible message to life, in a way that is genuine and relevant to young Arab women, Neutrogena is seeking the support of local heroes, and enrolled in its campaign some of the most accomplished women in the UAE:

Neutrogena See Whats Possible (From L Alia Al Mazrouei, Nayla Al Khaja, Alia Al Shamsi, Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, Malak Ali Hassan)

  • Nayla Al Khaja, the UAE’s first female director and film maker
  • Alia Al Mazrouei, a full steam ahead entrepreneur, co-founder of Just Falafel and the eco-intelligent Change Initiative.
  • Alia Al Shamsi, the first Emirati woman and photojournalist to work in a newsroom in the UAE.
  • Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, the first female Emirati digital artist, with an impressive, internationally exhibited body of work.
  • Malak Ali Hassan, the first Emirati green architect, whose building concepts are considered a ‘pioneering green print’ of cities of the future.

These women who have all broken stereotypes to chase their dreams and defied convention to follow their passions, are the true “influencers” we should be promoting and presenting as true examples of successful women in the Middle East. Kudos Neutrogena!

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