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There was once a time when Arab and Western brides were worlds apart in the style game. But it seems the chasms are closing and the lines are blurring where beauty is concerned. The famously minimalist Western bride is upping the drama with the adoption of smoky eyes or crimson lips on her big day whilst her high-impact Arab counterpart is toning things down. 

The once popular Cirque du Soleil, “fifteen shades of eyeshadow on one eyelid” look has been overtaken by neutral, earth tones and killer contouring. When it comes to hair too, heavily lacquered, skyscraper up ‘dos seem to have taken a back seat to softer, more natural styles.

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Your hair can make or break your wedding look, so here are a few things you need to remember when choosing the right style for you.

It’s All About the Dress

Your dress is the launch pad for everything you choose for your big day- including your hairstyle. Should you put your hair up or keep locks down and flowing? First and foremost, take your dress’s neckline in to account and how much of your shoulders and chest you’re comfortable in revealing.

Be Realistic

You might love Rapunzel-esque mermaid locks or a poker-straight ‘do but abusing your hair in to submission isn’t the best way to go on your big day. Yes, extensions can lend a helping hand but opt for a style that works with your natural texture and thickness, that will express your true character.

What’s On Your Head? 

Be sure to factor in your head gear. Whether you go for a traditional veil, flower crown or jewel-encrusted tiara, think about how it will rest on your head and how it will work to compliment your hairstyle.

Short ‘n’ Sweet

A bridal ‘do usually conjures up images of wavy lengths, swept up in to an elaborate chignon; but short hair can look just as beautiful and graceful. If you prefer your locks shorter, remember to cut your hair two weeks before your big day to give the edges a chance to soften and look less severe.

Georgiy Kot wedding hair
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You Do You

Whether you go for a structured, architectural feat of hairstyling genius or a low-key, “I woke up like this”, dishevelled chignon, what’s important is that you feel your most beautiful on your special day. Do what you feel looks best and not what you think is “expected” of you.

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