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Where: Nicolas & Jean

There are two things that ignite actual horror in my heart: dental appointments and colouring my hair. When it comes to the first phobia, I’d literally rather give birth to a baby elephant than have a  dentist do anything to my teeth. The second terror stems from the hideous dye jobs I’ve witnessed over the years. From zebra-inspired highlights to frazzled, inch-long broken locks, I shudder at the thought of dying my hair.
But after much complaining on my part to anyone within earshot of how bored I am with my plain brown tresses, and after hearing several people say some amazing things about the talents of the stylists at Nicolas & Jean salon, I decided to bite the bullet and I headed down to the Media One Hotel where the salon is located.

The Lowdown: The salon itself is bright, clean and abuzz with activity. Lots of chatty regular clientele= a clear sign of good services. Unsure of what I wanted exactly, I looked around at the other ladies in the seats beside me. Perfect black to purple ombré to my left and flawless golden blonde highlights to my right. I could see I was in capable hands. Nicolas arrived and immediately expressed that I step away from the traditional, stripy low-lights route I had in mind and instead suggested “hair contouring”. Yes it’s a thing. Locks of hair are hand-painted and lightened in strategic areas around the face and in the lower layers to highlight features and give subtly glowing results. Less than two hours later and I had gorgeous, chocolate-brown hair with strategically sun-kissed touches of gold, coiffed to bouncy, voluminous perfection.

Having gone in with such trepidation, I can honestly say I’ve never felt happier with my hair colour. If you’re a hair-dye virgin or are struggling to find a really great colourist that’ll give you modern, head-turning results, this is the salon for you.

Details: Nicolas & Jean- Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City, Tel: (+971) 4 440 4828

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