You’ve booked the venue, chosen the flowers, got your dress sorted and even rehearsed your first dance (in your head at least!); now it’s time to start thinking about your makeup. And because every bride deserves to look flawless on her big day, here bridal makeup pro and beauty entrepreneur, Natasha Zaki, shares her essential tips that every, and we mean every bride needs to know.

Keep it Fresh

“No eyeliner” looks have been huge this year, as well as a step away from heavy, dark smoky eyes. This season, it’s all about soft purples and pinks on the eyes for brides. It’s best to avoid “trendy” makeup so you don’t look dated pictures. You want to be able to look at your wedding photos in 20 years and still think you look timelessly beautiful.

Complement Your Flowers & Jewellery

When it comes to choosing a makeup look, the bride-to-be should always refer to her flowers and jewellery.  They will be the closest things to your face so you have to make sure your makeup artist picks the right tones that compliment them for the eyes and lips.

Steer Clear of Vamp Shades
Dark lips is a no go!  A bride should always keep her lipstick beige pink, pinkish red or true red which are all super feminine and look great on camera.
And Remember…
  • Always do a makeup trial before your wedding; that way you’ll feel really relaxed and comfortable with your chosen look and artist.
  • Always wear comfortable false eyelashes. My own brand, Glossy Make Up lashes have comfortable lash bands so the bride will never feel them on her eyes and they’ll stay put- even in emotional moments!
  • Body makeup is your friend! It keeps the shoulders and arms in synergy with the face and look so beautiful on the big day.

Click through the gallery and be inspired by some of Natasha’s bride-appropriate looks.

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