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My name is Basma and I’m a cleansing addict. As bizarre as it may sound, very few things in the beauty world bring me more joy than a really good facial cleanse. Scrubbing away the layers of makeup and grime accumulated throughout the day and the impending feeling of freedom that it brings, to me is incomparable. Needless to say, I’ve been a big fan of sonic brushes for quite some time; so you can imagine my excitement when the new Clarisonic Smart Profile Brush landed on my desk.

Clarisonic Smart Profile-Thanks to a few impressive upgrades, this new version is a giant leap forward in cleansing.The brush has four different settings- Delicate, Universal, Makeup Removal and Professional. The latter two being the strongest and best reserved for getting rid of long-wear makeup and heavier, high SPF sunscreens. But here’s where this little gadget gets really “smart”; for those that are unsure of the best setting to use, you can allow the brush to take the lead with the T-Timer function. This is a 60-second, four stage cycle that changes intensity and length of cleanse according to each quadrant of the face, with a handy little beep prompting you to move on. For optimum results, it’s best to use a soap-free cleansing gel and plenty of water to prevent any dragging and to really flush out pores.

But don’t limit yourself to just cleansing your face! Here are four other uses for this fabulous beauty tool.

Body Buffer/ Cellulite Blaster

Bin the loofa and get to work on that orange peel hide with the Turbo Body brush head. Once attached, the large, firm bristles enable a longer and more intense cleansing cycle that also includes pulsating massage action.

DIY Pedicure

Before you get excited and start using your brush to sand down your hooves (because that would be totally unhygienic and undeniably gross) this is the only handle in the Clarisonic range on which you can attach the Pedi Smoothing Disc. One quick click and you’ve got yourself an at-home pedicure kit that’s powerful enough to get rid of dry skin and callouses.

Lip Exfoliator

There’s nothing worse than dry, flaky lips to ruin your velvet matte pout. Use the Satin Precision Contour brush head to get in to the lines and crevices of your lips to buff away flakes for a silky smooth finish.

Mask Removal

I love a good clay mask as much as the next girl, but removing them can be tasking at the best of times. Wet your brush head thoroughly and put it through the standard cleansing cycle to get rid of every last trace of your treatment in one minute flat. Move along eyebrow residue…

Do you have a Clarisonic? How do you like to use it?

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