J'Adore Touche de Parfum Dior Perfumes 2015

When it comes to fragrance, I’m not particularly loyal. The latest luxe launch will land on my desk in all it’s pungent olfactory glory and I’ll happily use it for a few weeks before breezily moving on to the next exciting “must-have” spritz. Of course I have my go-to favourites (currently Estée Lauder Modern Muse), but variety breeds flippancy I guess. I also prefer to change my perfume according to the occasion or time of day. For our hot Dubai days, I feel that zesty citrus and crisp green notes work best, staying light and shower- fresh. At night, I like something with a kick; heady florals with a bit of spice to warm things up.

But recently, a new wave of perfumes have adjusted my views somewhat. They’re a different breed of warm florals that work equally well for day and night according to how much you use. A light application in the morning will keep things clean and unassuming throughout the day, but double up the dose before your evening out and you’ll have a sultry scent with head-turning va va voom. Here are three of my favourites that are definitely a must-try for fragrance buffs.

Dior J'Adore Touche de Parfum

Dior J’Adore Touche de Parfum

Designed to be layered with the iconic spray, this oil-based perfume is infused with sandalwood for a long-lasting, addictive twist on the original J’Adore phenomenon. The application method is a perfume-lover’s dream, harking back to an age of classic perfumery. The dropper fills with the silky scent and then can be pulled off and dabbed on to pulse points one drop at a time, for a delicately perfumed halo or a bolder presence.

Clinique Aromatics in White

Clinique Aromatics in White

When you say “Clinique”, fragrance isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind; however the 1975 original, Aromatics Elixir was and still is a massive commercial success. Whilst this new version stays true to the classic chypre patchouli notes, it’s lifted with violet leaf and quickly settles in to a milky, powdery scent thanks to the Skin Musk accord. Perfect for building or layering on top of an Oriental oud-based oil.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Not a recent release, but more than worthy of being included in this day-to-night lineup. This, in my opinion, is the more wearable, daytime-friendly sibling of Black Orchid. If Black Orchid roars with sex-appeal, Velvet Orchid purrs with sensuality. With gourmand notes of honey, toasted vanilla, mandarin, and rum, a floral heart of rose, jasmine and orchid on a base of balsam, sandalwood, myrrh and suede, this scent is both delectably creamy and softly addictive. Spritz in to the air and walk underneath for a soft morning perfume or spray directly on to the skin to step in to vamp territory.

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