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Where: José Eber La Loge

The Lowdown: With a luxury approach to hairstyling, the celebrated José Eber method was brought to Dubai by go-getting entrepreneurial duo, Reem Abou Samra and Lubana Sakkal who aim to bring a touch of Hollywood glam to the Middle East. Set in the lush grounds of The Address Montgomerie Golf Academy, this opulent beauty lounge is set to be a game changer in the Dubai salon scene. Gorgeous gold mosaic tiled walls and patent black furnishings are all brought to life with a stunning crystal chandelier centre piece.

From the delicious coffee and cookies served on charming mini platters to the Chanel No.5 Hair Mist placed at each styling station, elegance is an accessory that accompanies all of this salon’s services.

In addition to the highly skilled, permanent in-house team, one particularly exciting feature of the lounge is its ongoing collaborations and extended visits from stylists from around the globe; the most recent being French stylist extraordinaire, Jean Marc Brun. I had the pleasure of experiencing his unique skills firsthand on my own tired locks. My long hair was clearly in need of a hearty trim, but I barely needed to say anything for him to understand exactly what was needed and for him to suggest a cut that would suit me to a tee. Despite my innate fear of hairdressers, I felt perfectly at ease. Within 25 minutes, my hair had been snipped, layered and coiffed to perfection- with an unmistakeable touch of effortless Parisian chic. I can honestly say it’s the best haircut I’ve had in quite some time and I’ll definitely be holding out on all hair trimming until Monsieur Brun is back in town.

Whether you’re looking for a head-turning new look or a few moments of uninterrupted pampering in sublime surroundings, this salon is a definite “must-try.”

Details: José Eber Laloge- The Golf Academy in The Address Montgomerie, Emirates Hills, Dubai, Tel (+971) 4 452 9328

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