Pretty much on a weekly basis, I receive messages asking about the best products to conceal acne. I witness firsthand how stressful it can be for those suffering to feel like their skin is the constant centre of attention.

Erik Soto
Erik Soto

No doubt, it’s important to tackle the problem at the cause and follow a suitable treatment plan put together by your dermatologist, rather than attempting to cake over it with cosmetics. Having said that, there are the odd occasions where you need to look polished and put together without the worry of your problem skin glaring through. That’s when a little makeup trickery can work wonders for your look and your self esteem.

“I’ve dealt with acne myself and it all comes down to ingredients,” says Erik Soto, Global Makeup Artist for Kat Von D Beauty.  On his recent trip to Dubai, he shared his tips for achieving a flawless look with makeup.

“When you’re talking about acne, it’s extremely important that your products don’t contain any ingredients that are going to inflame the skin. Always go for a foundation that doesn’t contain any oils, fragrance or parabens, like the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation. So people who are suffering from acne or healing from it can still use our foundations and not feel that it’s going to irritate.

Start by gently exfoliating the skin then apply a generous amount of oil-free moisturiser to smooth the complexion as much as possible.

Erik Soto Kat Von D Makeup

Use a clean brush to apply an oil-free primer that’s going to work in synergy with your foundation. Choose something with moisturising properties that will soften any dry or rough patches around healing spots, that will ensure even, flawless coverage. Our Lock-It Featherweight Primer doesn’t add another level of texture on the skin, so it doesn’t raise the acne higher and make your face look inflamed or swollen.

I like to use a tool such as the Beauty Blender which mimics the texture of the skin. Use it to press the pigments in to the skin and it will cover it immediately without looking thick or mask-like.

A good, full coverage foundation should camouflage everything without the need to use a concealer on every single spot. I like to use a lighter shade of concealer just under the eyes to brighten.

Use blotting paper to get rid of excess oil throughout the day and use a pressed powder for touchups.”

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