Biolite Diamond Placenta Facial EMK

Bizarre beauty crazes are nothing new. In recent times we’ve had the bird poop facial which promised the alabaster skin of Japanese Geishas. Then it was the 24 karat gold facial which supposedly gave skin a “lit from within” quality; and of course lets not forget the vampire facial which was thrust in to the limelight thanks to Kim Kardashian-West‘s rather gruesome, blood- soaked selfie.

When it comes to skincare in the Middle East, Dubai’s Biolite Clinic is always ahead of the game. Alongside a whole host of progressive skincare treatments, the clinic now offers the much debated Diamond Placenta Facial. Already a favourite amongst Hollywood A-listers such as Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez, this treatment not only deeply hydrates and smoothes, but also balances the complexion and targets an array of skin ailments, from rosacea to lines and wrinkles.

Biolite Clinic

While this treatment may at first seem to rank highly on the edgy, slightly gross scale, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the placenta used in all the products is derived from plants. The EMK line is enriched with natural vegetal placenta from the agave cactus that’s native to Central America. The company’s tests found that botanical placenta is perfect for cellular regeneration and rejuvenation. It works to nourish, protect, preserve skin cells, build the immune system, and prevent future damage. The placenta penetrates the skin’s deeper hypodermis and the amazingly, the body recognises the placental cells allowing them to target and repair damaged and ageing tissue on a cellular level much in the same way as human placenta.

So what can you expect? First skin is cleansed, exfoliated and steamed to open pores, in preparation for a quick session of extractions. Next, the potent placenta serum is applied to the face and massaged using warm stones, while pure oxygen is blown over the skin to help boost absorption and microcirculation. This is followed by a mask soaked in more placenta active concentrates placed on to the skin whilst a cold laser is used to help the ingredients penetrate more deeply. After a ten minute arm massage, the face mask is removed and some sunscreen is applied, then you’re good to go.

What’s great is that post-treatment, there’s absolutely no redness or inflammation, just smooth, plump and visibly more radiant skin. The results are immediate, and what’s more, the skin stays hydrated, refreshed and bright for a couple of weeks after. Two thumbs up.

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