So after months of deliberation, you finally decided to take a risk in the hairstylist’s chair. “Let’s go for the chop,” you said. “Let’s try something different,” you said. You may have been very descriptive about what you wanted and even shown your stylist the inspirational Pinterest board you’ve been working on, but sometimes bad haircuts just happen. 

No doubt, a haircut should be an enjoyable experience, not one that leaves you traumatised; but if your (ex-) stylist has left you looking more like Joan Jett than Jennifer Aniston, senior stylist, Lucy McCormick at De La Mer Salon and Day Spa in Dubai has a few tips to help you cope.

bad haircut tips

Speak Up

If you’re still sat in your seat and you have an immediate sense of horror, don’t be ashamed to speak up. Lucy advises against allowing the offending stylist to hack away even more of your precious locks in order to fix the situation but they need to know that you are not a satisfied customer. “Go to someone else with a good reputation. Finding a great hairstylist is all about word of mouth, so ask around!”

Grow it Out

If you go to another hairstylist immediately, they’ll only make it shorter and if “buzz cut” isn’t a phrase you want to hear then it’s best that you wait a few weeks before you make your next appointment. They’ll have more to work with and it’s more likely that you’ll get a better result.

Bad Colours Are Easily Fixed

A terrible dye job can be easily fixed with a slick of semi-permanent brown colour. However if your hair has been bleached, you should leave it be. Meddling with fragile hair immediately after chemical treatment will inevitably cause further damage, breakage and possibly even hair loss.

Masks Are Your Friend

During the growing out phase, use a nourishing hair mask once or twice a week to hurry things along. Deep conditioning treatments will strengthen the hair fibres and boost hair growth

If all else fails, there are always hats. They’re not just a snazzy accessory; they also hide a multitude of follicular sins.

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