Iridescent illuminators are a great idea in theory, a little more tricky in practice. When applied correctly, these sparkling powders emulate the radiant glow of young skin. But unless you get your technique down, you might end up looking like a disco fabulous fairy that’s just fallen in to a pot of glitter. 

Applying light-reflecting products to just the right places enhances features and sculpts the face. It’s basically contouring without the fuss of using loads of products and complex blending techniques that require the talent  of a pro makeup artist.

Creams are a lovely option but take longer to apply and need a touch more skill to blend. So if you’re a highlighting novice, opt for a powder formula. Colour choice and texture are key to getting a youthful sheen. The finer the texture of the powder, the better. Visible bits of glitter are never a flattering look for anyone over the age of consent.

Dusky pinks suit pale to medium skin tones, whilst golds and bronzes enhance olive to darker skin tones beautifully. Champagnes work well for everyone. Be sure to moisturise thoroughly before application to avoid drawing attention to any flaky, dehydrated patches.

Use a large, rounded brush to dust your glow enhancer on to any areas that would naturally catch the light. Apply on the cheekbones, using your fingers to blend up towards the temples and under the eyebrows. Take the sheen to the middle of the forehead, down the centre of the nose (avoid this if you have a prominent bump of a particularly long nose), in the corners of the eyes and along the cupid’s bow. A shine just above the top lip will instantly make lips appear fuller, particularly if you’re wearing a nude lipstick or a clear gloss.

This technique will have you hooked on the glowing, multi-dimensional results. Here are a few of my personal favourites that have beautiful finishes and work well on most skin tones.

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