Glams Line Up Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is arguably the most transformative of all eye makeup products. When used correctly, it’s more effective at brightening your eyes, making them look bigger and more awake than mascara, concealer and eyeshadow combined.

But not all eye ink is created equal. GLAM'S EYELINER BLACK Too many liquid liners are either too watery, too dry and flaky or are just plain awful; so finding one that ticks all the right boxes is no easy feat. But it seems makeup miracles do happen.

Ok, so I realise the title of this feature may be a little grandiose, but very few liquid liners have impressed me quite like Line Up by Glam’s Cosmetics. Introduced by Dubai-based distributers, Eideal, Glam’s Cosmetics is an Italian pro-makeup brand that recently launched at Beauty World Middle East, Dubai’s annual beauty extravaganza.

The packaging is a little “classic”, but when it comes to the fine brush and exceptional formula, old really is gold. The compact wand makes it easy to manoeuvre the liner into the inner and outer corners of the eye and really get in between lashes for complete coverage and perfect application. The formula is one of the best I’ve come across with just the right consistency and rich, intense colours. After trying the deep cocoa-brown shade, my usual choice of black has officially been sidelined.

To say that it’s long-lasting would be a fierce understatement. This liner does not smudge, flake, melt or shift in any way and under any circumstances. Believe me when I say it was put through it’s paces; I wore it in 47 degrees Celsius heat and 85% humidity. It stays in flawless form until it’s removed with an oil-based remover or a cleanser designed specifically for waterproof makeup. Top marks.

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