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Ramadan is a time when beauty takes a backseat. Out with the bedazzled red talons and in with a more naturally groomed look. The Natural Nails treatment at The Nail Spa is the perfect way to keep your nails looking clean, fresh and looking their best without the polish. 

It’s a smoothing and deeply conditioning mani-pedi that gets rid of ridges and improves natural colour without using polish, leaving nails with a long-lasting shiny finish in just 5o minutes. If your tips are in need of some intensive pampering, you can choose to add on the signature exfoliating and hydrating treatments.

My ritual began with the usual nail shaping and cuticle tidy-up, followed by a softening scrub using a deliciously fragrant Mango Mandarin scrub. Next, my therapist used pure grape seed oil to massage my hands and arms to nourish and brighten the skin and nails.

natural nails buffing

Like most salons in the UAE, The Nail Spa has stepped away from the traditional hot paraffin treatment, where you would dip your hands and feet in to a large vat of melted wax, for hygiene reasons. Instead, they now offer single use plastic gloves and socks filled with paraffin that are steam heated. I placed my hands and feet inside which were then placed in fabric covers filled with heated herbs. Fifteen minutes later and my hands and feet were the softest they’ve ever been.

The final step was the buffing. The nail technician used a multi-sided buffer to gently buff and polish the nails to a high-gloss finish. After a few minutes my nails were so shiny they looked as though I’d applied a crystal topcoat.

For those who adjust their normal mani-pedi routine for Ramadan or those who prefer natural nails, this is an absolute must-try treatment.

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