The mythology and culture of Ancient Egypt have long been a source of inspiration for many an artist and designer throughout the ages. One such creative is Christian Louboutin. With a house in Luxor and a traditional Egyptian sailboat moored on the Nile, the French designer has found a second home in the land of the Pharaohs. 

In his latest gift to the world of beauty, Louboutin has found his inspiration in the scarab beetle. A representation of the sun god, Ra, the scarab was seen to roll across the sky each day, transforming bodies and souls. Having already invoked the scarab beetle by way of the clasp on his Spring 2014 Khepira bag, it’s the magical iridescent colouring of the beetle that ignites the designer’s creative flame for his latest nail colour story, Scarabée Limited Edition Collection.

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Scarabee.Designer

The polish comes in three highly reflective, kaleidoscopic shades:

Scarabée I- a metallic rose gold, Scarabée II- a rich turquoise with flashes of purple, green and gold and Scarabée III- a sparkling bronze with green and blue highlights.

As with all Louboutin lacquers, just two coats of this formula is equal to 20 coats of a traditional polish. It also comes with the signature, custom-designed triangular brush that dispenses just the right amount of colour without air bubbles or streaks, for flawless coverage.

They might not come cheap, but these rainbow hues are a must-try for summer. Not to mention the stunning bottle! The crystal cut design and stiletto cap are an instant upgrade for any vanity table.

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