Dubai is well and truly in the throes of a scorching summer. As I type this, thermometers are currently displaying temperatures of 47 degrees Celsius. Toasty. So an ice cold beautifying facial might sound like a welcome respite; but how about a facial where the temps get as low as -170 degrees Celsius? Hmmm…As I lay down on the treatment bed at the Cryo Health centre (the GCC’s first cryotherapy spa) I was inevitably having second thoughts.

Cryotherapy has long been a go-to treatment for professional athletes, replacing the traditional ice bath, as a more effective way to speed up the recovery process of sore and strained muscles. It’s also been proven to have significant effects on weight loss, skin firmness and cellulite reduction making it a firm favourite with celebrities like Demi Moore and Jessica Alba.

Cryo Health Dubai cryo glow facial

My treatment of choice was the Cryo Glow facial. Using pressurised liquid nitrogen vapours, the treatment activates increased production of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, allowing it to regain elasticity. It aims to improve blood and oxygen circulation giving the skin an instant glow. I’m told that after a number of sessions, the complexion is  smoother and more evenly toned with a considerable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Because there’s no physical contact with your skin, you don’t feel any pain and it doesn’t have the same shock factor as you would feel with ice being placed directly on your face . It feels more like a brisk walk through very cold weather- we’re talking Antarctica in the middle of winter cold. As the therapist moves the wand across my skin, I only felt minimal discomfort when she focused on one spot longer than a few seconds, but she quickly moves on as she has a sensor to monitor the temperature of the skin so as not to cause any damage.

This treatment isn’t as relaxing as a traditional facial, but it most certainly is invigorating. After ten long minutes my face was flushed as though I’d taken a quick run on a cold winter’s morning. The redness soon subsided and I was left with a rosy glow in my cheeks which lasted a good three days or so. This treatment is quick and has no side-effects, even on sensitive skin,  so it’s a great option for fatigued or lack-lustre skin that needs an effective pick-me-up in a hurry.

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Have you tried cryotherapy? How was your experience?

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