body acne home remedies

Acne can rear its ugly head at any time and on any part of the body from back and chest to shoulders, bum and even scalp. Sleep deprivation, stress, unhealthy eating habits and a hectic lifestyle can all contribute to breakouts of spots and blemishes all over the body.

Whilst there’s no definitive cure for more severe, hormonal cases, the odd breakout can often be relieved with simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboard.

Here are five tried and tested treatments that are fun to make, easy to use and are sure to help heal and soothe your skin.

baking soda acne homemade remedy

Baking Soda Scrub

Bicarbonate of soda is a great natural exfoliant. The ultra-fine granules slough away dead skin and help to unclog congested pores. It also has mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties helping to sooth skin and minimise redness whilst working to regulate the skin’s natural pH balance. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of natural rose water to form a paste. Work the paste over the problem area in small circular motions for two to three minutes, then rinse.

oatmeal mask body acne home remedy

Oatmeal Mask

Not only is oatmeal a gentle exfoliator, it also absorbs excess oil and calms inflamed skin making it a great remedy for acne. Mix two tablespoons of steal cut oats with water and cook as usual. Mix in one tablespoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon then let the mixture cool down. Spread on to the acne-prone area  and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

apple cider vinegar acne home remedy

Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

Apple cider vinegar naturally balances the skin’s pH level and it’s both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Mix one part organic cider vinegar with two parts mineral water and pour in to a clean spray bottle. Use it as a cleansing toner or spray directly on to problem areas for an acne-blasting topical treatment.

cinnamon honey body acne mask home remedy

Cinnamon Honey Mask

Cinnamon is one of those unexpected spices that has serious bacteria-fighting properties. Mix it with nature’s magic healer, honey, and you have yourself the ultimate zit-zapping formula. Blend one tablespoon of cinnamon with a large teaspoon of honey and spread over your spot-prone area. Leave for 20 minutes then rinse.

sea salt acne home remedy

Sea Salt Soak

For centuries, sea salt has been used to treat wounds and help speed up the healing process in aggravated in. Mix two cups of sea salt in a bath full of warm water, stir until dissolved then have a good soak for 20 to 30 minutes. After, just get out of the tub and pat yourself dry. Repeat twice weekly for best results.

How do you deal with body acne? Do you have any favourite DIY remedies?

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