Split Hair colour trend

First there was dip-dyed, then there was ombré and pastel ends. It seems that everyone has been adopting mermaid hues for their hair recently. Kylie Jenner went blue, Kelly Osbourne has long been a fan of purple, Katy Perry opted for a highly questionable shade of slime green and now it seems the vibrant rainbow trend for hair colour has evolved once more.

Straddling the fine line between Japanese animé character and Disney villain, the new “split hair” trend is equal parts wacky and wonderful. Not to be confused with split ends, this style involves parting your hair whichever way you like and then dying half one colour and the other half another unique hue.

While this style might seem Nicki Minaj-extreme, scroll through the #SplitHair hashtag on Instagram and you’ll see reams of real women rocking the mermaid look. This might be a bit much for many of us, but I predict a subtler version of this trend appearing, think rich chocolate brown with mahogany, black with deep purple or platinum with strawberry blonde for example.

Hair Colour Essentials

Before diving in to the rainbow unicorn hair abyss, here are some things to consider:

  • Research your colourist thoroughly. Are the stylists at the salon colour specialists?
  • Do you know anyone who’s tried them? What do they think of the salon’s hair colour credentials?
  • Go for a consultation before taking the plunge and be as clear as possible when communicating your idea. Take images of what you want and others of what you really don’t want.
  • Make sure you give your stylist your full hair history. Keeping anything a secret might affect how your hair will react to the bleach resulting in fried strands or baldness (ok not really, but it could end very badly)

Here are some Instagram beauties who are killing the split hair colour look. Would you try any of these?

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