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It’s officially summer in our part of the world, which means a massive increase in the levels of sweat-breaking, zit-inducing humidity. While the odd spot here and there can be annoying, (particularly in the summer months when we’re supposed to have beautifully sun-kissed, flawless complexions) but persistent, seasonal breakouts and full on “problem skin”can be truly traumatic for some people.

clinique anti blemish solutions clinical clearing gel spot treatmentI’ve been blighted with mini Everests appearing along my jawline recently, and my go-to treatment has been Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel. It’s a transparent gel that dries clear on the skin, sealing the spot and making it disappear- fast.

It makes three main claims: helps to reduce blemishes, promotes healing and is invisible under or over makeup. I can honestly say this product delivers on all three. I apply a tiny drop, directly on to the spot before bed and by morning, the spot is significantly less angry-looking and has already begun to dry out. Try not to get it on the surrounding, unblemished skin though as it will dry that out too. I’m not an acne-sufferer so I tend to use this as a targeted spot treatment, but unlike many anti-blemish treatments, you can actually use this gel over your entire face as part of your acne control routine.

One thing to note: whilst this solution does contain salicylic acid, which helps to heal acne and control future outbreaks, the alcohol content is significantly high in this product. So if you have a very sensitive complexion or sore, broken skin, I would advise doing a patch test (avoiding any spots you’ve picked) to check your skin’s tolerance level.

Have you tried this product? What’s your go-to zit zapper?

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