I’ve been curious about pole fitness classes for quite some time now. The balance, core strength and coordination required to even lift yourself off the ground is staggering. But seeing as “flexible” is not a word I would use to describe myself, I thought it best to take baby steps before delving in to the world of pole dancing. Enter Plastic Body to save the day.
It’s an introductory class for anyone interested in doing any fitness regime that requires moving your body in unfamiliar positions such as pole fitness or aerial yoga.

plastic body stretching fitnessCafe de la Danse is a new dance studio that offers a fun range of classes for those looking to try something out of their comfort zone. From pole fusion and aqua gym to burlesque and even twerking, their expert team will have you shaking what your mama gave you in no time.

As I walked in to the studio, the instructor, Anya, was warming up. Of course by that I mean she was winding and stretching herself around a pole two metres in the air. #FitnessGoals

Plastic Body is all about increasing your flexibility and endurance by gradually sinking deeper in to your stretches and extending your limbs further and for longer than you normally would. This is not your standard “touch your toes” stretching. “Try and touch your lower back with your head,” said Anya, casually bending herself in two. Whilst stretching is the main aim of the game, you also get to learn some basic flowing routines that will loosen the hips and add some graceful movements incorporating the arms and waist. It’s a surprisingly full on workout and will definitely make you break a sweat.

This class proves that you don’t have to have the flexibility of an exotic dancer to enjoy a pole-based class. You just need to go in with an open mind and a positive attitude and you’re sure to have a fun time and a great workout.

For more information visit lecafedeladanse.com or call (+971) 4 331 1543 

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