Avene Couvrance - Compact Foundation Cream

Problematic skin can be devastating for some people. And there are many of us that spend many a waking hour worrying about how to improve it, or at the very least, conceal it. This is when I thank the powers that be for makeup. It can have truly transformative effects, not only on a person’s appearance, but I would go as far as to say on their life too. There was a time when makeup wasn’t recommended for those with acne or rosacea. But after realising how it can improve a sufferer’s quality of life, dermatologists developed medical makeup solutions that would camouflage acne, birthmarks, scarring, stretch marks, inflamed skin, and even facial disfigurement without harming sensitive complexions. Whilst it’s mainly recommended for the face and neck, it can actually be used on any visible skin on the body, even age spots and varicose veins.

Avene Couvrance Compact Foundation

Medical Makeup Magic

One brand that has embraced this new generation of medical makeup is Avène. The French brand’s skincare line is infused with thermal spring water and has quite the global following amongst skincare lovers. However, many are still unfamiliar with the makeup range, Couvrance. The line of compact foundations, corrective concealer sticks, powder and bronzer are all paraben-, preservative- and fragrance-free, as well as other skin-sensitising chemicals.

Whether you have problem skin or not, switching to medical grade makeup, that’s free of nasties can actually help to protect your skin. The products are surprisingly lightweight, water-resistant and all contain SPF 30, helping to prevent scarring and hyperpigmentation. What’s more, because the products are 40% pure pigment, a little goes an incredibly long way, giving flawless coverage.

avene couvrance corrective concealer sticks medical makeup
Avene Couvrance Corrective Concealer Sticks

How to get the perfect coverage

I met with Joëlle Nonni, the Medical Makeup Specialist at the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre on her recent trip to Dubai. Read on for her tips on using medical makeup to get the best results.

  • Whatever your skin type or problem, it’s essential to begin by moisturising the skin very well. If you are particularly sensitive to the sun, add a thin layer of sun protection cream.
  • Don’t wait for your cream to soak in completely. Instead begin applying your base straight away in order to get a better coverage and a creamy, natural finish.
  • Use the compact sponge to dab the cream foundation all over the face. The dabbing action will give the best coverage and a natural-looking finish.
  • If you have redness from a spot or a treatment, first apply a tiny amount of the green corrective concealer directly on the area using your fingers, then dab the foundation over the top.
  • For bruises, use a brush to apply the yellow concealer. The yellow will neutralise the purple colour.
  •  The coral concealer will camouflage hyperpigmentation and dark under eye circles completely, even on darker complexions. Stay away from light beige of pink based concealers as these will make your skin look grey.
  • To finish, use a fluffy brush to apply the setting powder and bronzer to sculpt your face. Once you’ve finished, go back and sweep the brush along the face in the opposite direction. This ensures longer lasting wear, as the powder can get right under the fine hairs on the face and gives a softer finish to your skin, preventing the waxy look.
  • Although this makeup is water-resistant and very long lasting, it can be easily removed. Apply a cleansing lotion like the Tolerance Extreme Milk, using your fingers and massage it in to the skin, then rinse using water or remove with a soft cloth. It’s best to avoid rubbing with a cotton pad as this might inflame skin even more.

Do you have any experience with medical makeup? What do you like to use?

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