Damac Maison Chrysalis Spa

Thanks to baffling one way streets and endless building work, Dubai is one of those magical places where you can see your destination right before your eyes and yet have no idea of how to get there. So after an hour of going round in circles (thank you GPS) I reached the Damac Maison in the heart of Downtown Dubai, hot, flustered and well and truly ready to experience all that the Chrysalis Spa had to offer. 

Upon entering the airy reception area, I was welcomed with an assortment of flavour-infused water while I filled in the pre-treatment questionnaire. The spa itself overlooks the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and has seven state-of-the-art treatment rooms, a vitality shower, ice fountain, separate wet areas for men and women as well as a high-tech gym and an adjoining beauty salon.

While it may seem just like any other spa, the Chrysalis is home to the only Holistic Cocooning system in the Middle East. It’s a multi-sensory treatment that’s based on scientific findings as well as traditional Chinese medicine. Inside the beautiful, lavender-scented room, I took my place on an air-filled relaxation bed. The surface moves up an down in a “breathing” motion which makes your own breathing slow down significantly, helping you to relax and unwind. A specially selected rotation of colourful images of nature are projected on the ceiling while calming music fills the air. The treatment starts with soft body brushing to help rev up circulation and is followed by a thorough exfoliation using a lavender and sea-salt scrub.

After a quick shower, I was back on the breathing bed for the massage stage of the treatment. Finally, a hot towel was placed on my chest and the cushioned sides of the best were zipped up creating a warm cocoon. Twenty minutes of comforting warmth and gentle swaying later and I was being woken out of a snug slumber by my therapist. This is the ideal treatment for those that have trouble sleeping or carry a lot of tension in their muscles as it provides comprehensive sensory relaxation.

If this doesn’t sound like your cup of herbal tea, the spa offers a wide range of other unique treatments like a melted candle wax massage or flotation therapy in water as salty as the Dead Sea.

The spa also uses some great product ranges, like pro brand Kerstin Florian and Rodial for both face and body treatments.

Details:  Damac Maison, Dubai Mall Street, Tel: (+971) 4 373 1700

Click through the gallery for a closer look inside.

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