LM Parfums Army of Lovers

Laurent Mazzone is a man with a passion for fragrance. “To me perfume is a philosophy of life,” he said when I met him on his recent visit to Dubai. “They are always linked to deep emotions and personal preferences. Colours like black or an expression of music I love.” His are perfumes created for the skin, with wafts of warmth and intimacy floating in every spritz. 

Having launched in 2010, LM Parfums is relatively new and has only just launched in the Middle East, but you could never tell from the exquisite fragrances on offer. The packaging is sleek and modern, all reflecting Mazzone’s undying love for black. The scents themselves are elegant and well-made with high quality ingredients, blended together seamlessly in refreshingly unconventional combinations, that are still respectful of the traditional conventions of French perfumery. Patchouli Bohème, a sensual, multi-facetted perfume, represents the DNA of the brand. “It’s the closest creation to my heart. It contains patchouli as a main ingredient which was also the base note of Givenchy Gentleman, the scent my mother used to wear.” This fluidity of fragrance identity is also something that Mazzone holds dear. “I love it when a woman chooses a truly “male” scent. It’s very provocative.

With this fluidity in mind, the perfumer created his most recent offering, Army of Lovers. Two years in the making, the perfume is a direct reference and an olfactive tribute to his favourite Swedish band of the same name.

LM Parfums Army of Lovers

The Notes

Top: Coriander, Spice, Rose, Violet

Heart: Cashmere Woods, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oak Moss

Base: Honey, Amber, Musk

The Scent

This is a chypre fragrance in every sense of the word. The floral opulence is a burst freshness in the opening notes while the animalic blends of musk and amber, spices and honey strangely mimic the smell of warm skin. Whilst there are plenty of traditionally “female” harmonies, the coriander, soft woods and green streak of oak moss at the heart of this unisex scent offer a  grounded earthiness that would appeal to men.

Overall, the range of LM Parfums are rich, luxurious, full-bodied fragrances that are well worth exploring for those searching for a uniquely complex and sophisticated personal scent.


  1. Really loved it, as well as Epine mortele, also new from LM

  2. AMAZING Perfume i love it .

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