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Beauty products and treatments today contain a staggering amount of synthetic ingredients and chemicals. In many cases, we have no idea what kind of potentially negative effects these ingredients may or may not have on our bodies in the long run, inside and out. As our skin absorbs over 64% of what we put on it, and with skin sensitivity and allergies on the rise, it’s no wonder that women are on the search for more natural solutions. Sara Al Hassoun is one Saudi entrepreneur that has her clients’ health as well as their beauty on her mind. In 2013, the natural beauty advocate opened You’re Chic, Saudi Arabia’s first organic beauty salon, aiming to bring organic beauty in to the spotlight and promote a more natural approach in the region. She spoke to B Beauty Arabia about the concept and her unique vision for the brand.

What’s the concept behind the salon?

The idea behind You’re Chic is to provide a natural option for women who are seeking to maintain their health as well as their beauty. We truly believe that the origins of beauty lie in nature, so chemicals only provide temporary results and can even, in some cases, lead to permanent damage. We’ve worked hard to create this natural haven that provides 100% organic beauty solutions.

Why do you believe it’s important to go “all organic” with regards to beauty?

What a woman puts in and on her body can have longterm effects on her health as well as her outward appearance. So it’s important to choose natural options that are good and good for you. It’s a case of beauty from the inside out.

Do you think the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia specifically, is ready for this concept?

The women of this generation are very well educated and conscious of the wider world. They’re well aware of the dangers of chemicals in their products and treatments and are actively seeking natural replacements and organic alternatives. So we’ve recognised this need in the market and we provide those solutions to satisfy the growing demand.

How have clients reacted to it?

I’m happy to say that most are more than satisfied! The natural products we use are gentle enough to be suitable for most people and most clients have seen positive results with the switch to our organic products and services.

Where do you source your products and how easy was it to find effective organic ranges?

Our products are imported from all over the world, from reputable companies in Italy, UK and New Zealand. It hasn’t been easy to find ranges that don’t compromise on efficacy; but we’ve searched high and low and worked hard to stay up-to-date in order to offer our clients the best.

What can we expect from You’re Chic in the future?

Firstly, to raise awareness amongst women in the Middle East about the importance of organic beauty and hopefully as a next step, to expand further in the region.

Details: Al Wurood District, Sheikh Abdullah AlAngari St. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tel: (+966) 1120 51510

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