I’m a little obsessive when it comes to makeup brushes. Beautiful results are all about the tools and whilst professional brushes are often quite expensive, the right ones will boost your makeup game like nothing else. Those tiny applicators that come with your makeup? Yeah you can get rid of those- immediately.

Brush iQ Powder Brush

Brush iQ Powder Brush

You only really need a large powder, blush, slanted, fine liner, eyeshadow and medium sized flat base makeup brushes. Having said that, my personal collection passed the 100 mark quite some time ago and I’ll happily still add to it when I see a beautifully crafted new brush on the market.

Much to my delight, Tweezerman (once known as producers of the only tweezers any self-respecting person with groomed brows should own) have launched Brush iQ. The range consists of 12 makeup brushes for the face and eyes, each with their name and function embossed on the sleek black handle. Created using Natrafil filaments, a patented innovation by DuPont, the synthetic hairs feel like high-quality animal hair brushes but are more hygienic overall as they are more easily cleaned and maintained. I was very impressed with the blush brush. Although it was very soft and fluffy, it still distributed the colour evenly and blended it in to the skin for a seamless glow finish. As with most of these multi-tasking brushes, I was able to use the brow brush for more than just my brows as it was soft enough to use on my eyes as well.

All in all, well worth the investment if you’re looking for some new, high performance brushes to add to your collection.

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