As much as I love lip balms, I have at least four in my handbag at any one time, I’ve rarely found tinted ones that I’ve fallen in love with. High-end lip moisturisers tend to be either too oily or too rich and leave behind a horrible white film.

Whilst many drugstore versions deliver on hydration, the tints are the sickly pinks that you might find in a Barbie toy makeup set.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector

One of my favourite lip products of recent years is the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors. I don’t know anyone who has tried them and hasn’t instantly fallen in love with their gorgeous creaminess that hydrates lips beautifully without being in the least bit sticky. So when I got my hands on the balm version, needless to say I had high hopes.

The new Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector is one impressive product. As part of the Garden Escape Collection for Spring 2015, the balms come in six different shades ranging from fresh corals and pinks to red and brown, The Rosewood shade is the ultimate holy grail of everyday lip colours. It lies perfectly between beige and pink and has just the right amount of sheen and sparkle to instantly prettify your mouth.

The formula is enriched with extract of wild mango that gives the balm a deliciously tropical scent and a pleasant, sweet taste. The balm melts on the lips and envelops them in a moist glaze of colour. Shea and vitamin E work to nourish lips while the added bonus of natural peptide encourages the synthesis of hyaluronic acid to boost hydration even more.

Add the sleek golden tube to the mix and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful lip product for spring. Top marks, Clarins.

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