Winter is on its way out in Dubai and the hot, humid days of summer are on the horizon, which can only mean one thing for our hair. Frizz. Hair is made up of three different layers and it’s the outer layer or the cuticle that’s responsible for flyaway hair. It occurs when the cuticle “lifts” leaving the hair shaft exposed. Dry, porous hair absorbs more moisture from the atmosphere, making the hair shaft swell. As I have fine, highly frizz-prone strands, here are the rules I follow to avoid looking like Albert Einstein all sumer long .

1- Lather up only once or twice a week.

With unescapable heat comes sweating, and lots of it. So limiting shampooing to only a couple of times per week might seem unthinkable for some, but stripping the hair of its natural oils will only exacerbate the frizz. These oils help to tame hair and protect the outer cuticle. When washing your hair, choose a smoothing shampoo and concentrate the product at the crown of your head. If your hair feels greasy throughout the week, spritz your roots with a dry shampoo and refresh with a hair dryer.

2- Use an intensive conditioner.

Using a rich conditioning treatment at least twice a week will coat the hair, making it harder for moisture to get in. Wash hair and pat dry (do not rub!) any excess water then coat hair from root to tip with a generous amount of conditioning cream. If you have time, wrap hair with some cling film and let it work its magic for 10-15 minutes. If you’re in a rush, just apply the treatment first and allow it to soak in while you take the rest of your shower.

3- Protect your hair when styling.

Blow dyers, straighteners and curling irons deplete the hair’s natural oils and destroy critical proteins in the hair shaft so it’s essential to protect your hair while styling. Apply a thermal protectant spray, cream or serum to keep your hair from getting fried, add shine and prolong your style.

4. Use ionic hair stylers.

Ionic styling tools like blow dryers and straighteners emit negative ions which seal down the hair cuticle, which add shine and defend hair from frizz-causing moisture.

5- Avoid products that contain alcohol.

If your hair has suffered chemical damage or is particularly frizz-prone, check the ingredients list on your styling products for “prop” alcohols. Isopropyl alcohol, propanol and propyl alcohol all dry out the hair and damage the hair cuticle.

6- Smooth down flyaways before going outside.

Silicone-rich serums and finishing sprays will help tame your locks and keep frizz at bay for longer. Apply the serum using your fingers to coat individual strands in problem areas such as the hair line where there are disobedient baby hairs.

Click through the gallery below to discover all my favourite frizz-taming products from shampoo to hot oil treatments to finishing serums.

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